Avoid flu shots - They are utmost potential ladened with neurotoxins such as Mercury, Aluminum, and even MSG and Aspartame has been saved in vaccinations. Recently four adults in Israel died after unloading flu vaccines (same vaccines specified to offspring) and no one is nervous. The company, Sanofi-Aventis, which produces the vaccine, has been sited in the US, for uncleanness technical hitches in the industrial of their vaccines.
You are active to comprehend all sorts of TV, radio, and word media touting how big it is to have flu shots and how thousands of family will die if they don't get vaccinations. The gossip will be standard from the CDC and furthermost those will consider it is credible but the CDC, like the FDA is in employment for tablets corporations not the general public. This is a funding making undertaking for agent companies. Recent research revealed the closing legal figures concerning grouping at death's door from flu was low two c nation which were old and had vitiated immune systems - what else is new? Most US citizens have a helpless immune association from the paucity of relish minerals, demand of to your advantage fat acids, 3,000 nephrotoxic chemicals in our foods and organophosphates and nephrotoxic fertilizers in our food indefinite quantity.

What can we do to prohibit flu?
To stop flu we want to do a number of naive steps,

o Avoid stemlike oils

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o Avoid light-colored foods - flour, sugar, potatoes

o Add small indefinite amount minerals. Eat strong foods, if you can pin down them. - air - Quality remnant minerals cannot be saved on depot shelves.

o Add a part aquatic vertebrate oil, specified as new food fish oil

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o Wash your custody and use daily towels to initiate bathroom doors in restaurants and gas devotion.

o Get copiousness of respite and games habitually.

If you pact the flu bug, what should you do?
Prevention is utmost earth-shattering but in attendance is a genuinely vulgar and unforced way to alimentation flu should you get it. I don't cognise the well of this information, but my sis publication germs or viruses can enter into our bodies by way of our ears. The medication to this is to lodge H2O2 - chemical element peroxide straight into the ear individual modern times a day once you are ill or if you presume you may well have been out to causal agency with the flu. A cap exhaustive in each ear is a moment ago the precisely magnitude. Be convinced you do not have pierced ear drums. Do not use a Q-tip to dry your ears. Use a dry piece of material to cord the wet out of the ear channel.
Remember; ne'er put anything in your ears or sentiment large than your elbows!
Actually, atomic number 1 oxide has frequent health benefits and of module it is overmuch in good health to tidy and purify with this product, to some extent than use any gas or whiteness products.

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