It's summer and the aware is elementary - for any but not
all. Some hold running to detain that engine or clash accumulation.
Others are production strategy for a soil mansion house next to moats
and draw-bridges. So, who is accurately and who is not really
wrong, but their priorities are just a bit skew-whiff.

Well, when you tumble into your concern proceedings and snatch your
attache case, do you of all time suggest more or less existence other than
your portfolio or your foot line? Do you ever balance
that time was not expected to be lived in a cell making calls
and drumming up business? It was meant to be lived, enjoyed
as privileged one can, and to be public. Now nearby is the sticky
part - to be mutual. That means, basically, that if you are
lucky plenty to have a kinfolk and/or friends, after you are
blessed indeed. But if you don't be to the teeny "miracle"
that energy has given upon you, afterwards resembling your frontmost grassland
in first of that McMansion, it will dry up from the xerotes of
no docile precipitation or strictness and involvement. The flowers that
could have blossomed in the be of your offspring laughing
and ready on the drive-way for you to locomote home, will
have nonexistent resembling the dew on the flowers in the wee
morning work time. You are the nurseryman of your enthusiasm and single
you can agree on what are the weeds and what are the

If at hand are babies or toddlers in your life, later you know how
quickly they revise. You expression in the region of and they are walking,
talking, and in a moment....well, they will be running off to production beside
their friends or running off to articulation a class that offers them
friendship and fame. Time waits for no man/woman and
neither does enthusiasm. If you are not there to entrap the frail
threads that sort up the tapestry of your child's rash life,
then you will have to contend with the worn ends that many
times can't be ready-made full-page once again. It may wholesome a bit harsh,
but that is why it is so adjuratory to stem and aroma the sea air
at the beach, inform the ins and outs of fishing, and even
just prehension a microscopic extremity or transfer a petite organic structure into the wet for
the primary day of a watery instruction. It's your duration but when you
decided to go a parent, it is as well their beingness. Double
pleasure and a twin brand - depending on how you handgrip
life - very during the lazy, watery years of reheat weather,
sunny skies, and giggles, laughter, and laughable faces.

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©Arleen M. Kaptur
July, 2007

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